Copy Cat: Lucy’s Stash

Published February 25, 2013 by nailsbyayejae

Todays mani is a copy cat inspired by Lucy’s Stash Darling Diva Menage Trois. I unfortunately do not own DDMT although I dream about it often lol. The closest I could duplicate it is not spot on in the least but for me its enough to tie me over until I do get my hands on it.



For this mani I used Milani High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Formula in Black Swift and layered 2 coats of NYC Sparkle TopCoat in Big City Dazzle. Obviously you can see there isnt a variety in size as glitter goes but the colors that come off resemble DDMT just a little….like 10% lol I know I know its nothing like DDMT….Humor me people 🙂 These were taken in sunlight and the bottom left is off focus to show the sparkle.  The following pics were taken in the shade.



I didnt have any problems with these polishes. NYC was a dream to work with. The glitter payoff was excellent, no fishing and no dabbing. Full of Magenta, Blue, Orange/Red and Sliver micro glitters in a clear base. Looks dense in the bottle but its really not which I was kinda excited for. Although it is a copy cat mani and I do love it, I have quite a few new polishes to try out so stay tuned for those.

Do you have any Copy Cats/Recreations of manis on the web?


In Loving Memory; Miss You Dad

Published February 22, 2013 by nailsbyayejae

Today’s Mani is dedicated to my Dad who passed away 2 years ago. Today would have been his birthday…or still is (?)…and I wanted to do something in his honor. I couldnt think of any art to do, well I could but I didnt want it to be obvious to others, kinda like my little surprise to him and mine only. So I opted for a layered mani.


I first want to apologize for the horrible pictures!! I just couldnt photograph it right AT ALL…which is kinda funny tho because my dad didnt like to take photos either. HA! That just dawned on me right now while typing away!! 🙂 The polishes I used represent the Birthstone of February, my base color SinfulColors Amethyst and Revlon Heavenly, because my dad was called Home. Very simple manicure indeed but the meaning is spot on. The top right picture is a little blurred because I wanted to see if the blue iridescent square glitters (?) in Heavenly would show up any clearer, it didnt. The lower right picture shows the truest depiction of the colors.

I miss my Dad very much and think about him every day. I’d do anything I could to get him back but I was told it doesnt work that way unfortunately lol but I do know that he is constantly around me and Im hoping that’ll be juuust enough to get me by until I see him again. I know he’s around by the smallest things, for example, these pics. He really did hate taking pictures and for the connection of the two to just now dawn on me is my proof. I took these pics 3 days ago, did mild editing, put my watermark on them and made a collage… and it didnt dawned on me. I love you Dad, Thanks for popping up in the random-ist things I do to let me know your still around. I ❤ U.


*NOTE* I am still wearing this mani today for his birthday even tho pics were taken 3 days ago.

ThrowBack Time; Leopard Print

Published February 22, 2013 by nailsbyayejae

ThrowBack Time or T-Time as I will be calling it in the future means that I will be posting pics of an old manicure I have done. In this case, I am presenting my very first leopard print mani. I was procrastinating on doing a leopard print because, in all honesty, it intimidated me. I cant tell you why but finally after months of talking myself into in I finally gave it a try. I ended up LOVING it and wore it for a week straight. I posted on Pinterest that it was an ego booster for me in terms of doing nail art and it really was. Im grateful for it because it gave me a boost. I liked it so much I made it my Advatar.


The base color is Essie Fishnet Stockings. I love this red and I think its a  very flattering red, one that I think would look wonderful on all skin tones. I didnt really have any problems formula wise, it covered great in 2 coats and it wasnt too thin or too thick. The gold spots are made with Petites 24k outlined with SinfulColors Black on Black instead of acrylics. After a few mins to dry I topped it off with Seche Vite. The lower picture on the right shows the most true depiction of the colors.

Are there any manicures you’ve been afraid to try, and if so, how did it turn out for you?

Feeling Girly? I am….

Published February 15, 2013 by nailsbyayejae

I wanted my first Nail Post to be new just like NailsByAyeJae! So I thought I’d present Revlon Girly. This beauty hails from Revlons Bubble Gum Days and Urban Nights Collection and im happy I snatched up 2 bottles because believe me when I say that this polish is GORGEOUS! I personally like Girly more than her twin brother Whimsical.


Beautiful milky light pinkish lavender jelly base polish with purple and pink hex glitters with smaller hex glitters of the same colors BUT the smaller glitters are holographic *gasp*!! Holos are the loves of my life. This is 2 coats of Girly over 1 coat of Revlon Flirt, the perfect undies for this gorgeous creation. If you want opacity from just girly alone, I imagine you will need anywhere from 4 to 6 coats. I topped this bad boy off with a coat of Seche Vite and never looked back!! If you dont have girly yet, I recommend when you do pick it up….get 2!!!


How do you like Girly?